When something goes wrong, our error messages typically have the following format so that it's easier to pinpoint the problem.

[Issue category] Error type - Details (request id)
  • The issue category describes where the issue occurred.
  • The error type describes what kind of problem it is.
  • The details provide more information on the specific problem and suggestions on how to fix it.
  • The request id is our tracking identifier for calls made to the Ahrefs API.

If you're unable to resolve your issue, please provide the following when contacting our support team.

  • A screenshot showing the fields, date range, parameters, and filters used by the chart with issues.
  • Additionally, if the chart shows an error, the request id and error message.

Issue categories

Connector configuration issue

An issue occurred due to invalid configuration of a data source. Please reconnect your data source with valid settings.

Chart issue

The data source was validly configured, but an issue occurred due to improper use of it when creating a chart. The error details provide more information on what to change in the chart property panel.

Access issue

The authorizing Ahrefs account does not have sufficient permissions to use the connector. If you receive this error but are on a supported plan with access to the configured Ahrefs project, please contact our support team with the request id.

Ahrefs API issue

There is something wrong with the Ahrefs API. Please check your Ahrefs dashboard for status updates, or contact our support team with the request id.

This reference is for errors raised during usage of an Ahrefs connector. If you encounter a Data Studio error (e.g., System Error), please visit the Data Studio Help Center instead. Sometimes, refreshing the report is enough to resolve some common issues.

Error types

Missing/invalid configuration parameter

A value for a required configuration parameter was not provided, or the provided value didn't match the expected format. A valid value can be provided either globally by reconnecting the data source, or locally in a report by overriding the parameter.

Note that each Ahrefs field group may impose additional restrictions on what constitutes a valid configuration. Thus, a globally valid data source configuration may still produce this error when building a chart.

Invalid field combination

An invalid combination of fields was requested. Our connectors categorize fields from multiple sources into Ahrefs report types for ease of use, so not all of them are compatible with each other.

The field reference describes which fields can be requested together.

Invalid date range

An invalid date range was requested. This may occur due to the way some of our connectors' field groups use the date range in a special way.

The date range reference describes how each field group uses the date range parameter.

Date range usage

Unsupported filter

A filter was applied that uses an unsupported operator.

Currently, we do not support the "Regex contains" filter operator.

Unknown field

A field was requested (either as a dimension, metric, or part of a filter expression), but its identifier is unknown to the Ahrefs API. This means that the data source has gone out of sync with the Ahrefs API. It can usually be fixed by refreshing the data source fields. Do note, however, that this may break any existing reports that use the data source.