Data size restrictions

Data Studio places restrictions on the amount of data that can be pulled via Community Connectors. Since Ahrefs data is typically large, we abide by those restrictions by truncating most data we return to a safe limit.

This has several implications for how users should navigate and obtain accurate metrics from Ahrefs' large data sets via Data Studio. The general approach is to rely on our connectors' configuration parameters to replicate native Data Studio functionality while respecting the data size restriction.

The following Ahrefs report types perform data truncation.

Ahrefs report types

ToolAhrefs report type
Site Explorer
Organic keywords
Site Explorer
Site Explorer
Top pages
Site Audit
Page explorer
Site Audit
Link explorer

Navigating via pages

For the Ahrefs report type where we truncate data, we return the first 500 rows per request.

Each connector has an optional configuration parameter called "Page", which controls the page number of the currently fetched subset of rows. For example, setting this to 2 would fetch rows 501-1000.

This paginated navigation capability can be exposed to report viewers by first making the parameter overridable in reports, and then adding a control widget for it. It is not advisable to configure this parameter directly at the data source level.

Pagination here is not to be confused with pagination within the Data Studio table chart type, which refers to how many rows (within the 500 returned by Ahrefs) to display in the report.


Since Data Studio's native aggregations don't work accurately on truncated data, Ahrefs offers an alternative way, described in the aggregation reference:


Sort field

In certain chart types, Data Studio allows rows to be sorted by a specified dimension or metric. However, the sort is performed incorrectly when applied to truncated data.

Instead, each connector has an "Order by field" configuration parameter for every Ahrefs report type that truncates rows. Ahrefs performs the sort using this field before returning the result to Data Studio.

To correctly retrieve sorted data from report types with row truncation:

  1. Select a value for the "Order" configuration parameter (either "Ascending" or "Descending").
  2. Select a value for the "Order by field" configuration parameter of the desired report type.
  3. In the chart property panel, choose the same values you selected in steps 1 and 2.
Please note that report types with row truncation currently do not support accurate secondary sort.

Comparison metrics

Ahrefs report types with truncated data do not support Data Studio's native comparison metrics, when the true number of rows exceeds the row limit.

As a workaround, we provide fields that return such "delta" values for some report types.

We indicate delta fields by the [Delta] suffix.