Categorization of fields

Since our connectors have many fields, they are categorized at two levels to ease access.

  • Ahrefs report type. Fields from the same Ahrefs report type may be requested together. Each report type uses the date range parameter differently. Requesting fields from different report types in the same chart will raise an "Invalid field combination" error.
  • Learn more about the report types for each connector below.

    Note that Data Studio does not provide a visual indication of categorization at this level. Instead, please refer to each tool's field reference below.
  • Field group. Fields of the same report type are further subdivided into groups based on their semantic relation to each other. Field groups, unlike report types, have no bearing on functionality. However, group names do appear in the Properties panel in GDS when selecting a field to use as a dimension/metric.

Each tool's field reference can be found below.