Reauthorize the Ahrefs connector

Follow these steps if you revoked access to an Ahrefs Data Studio connector from your account settings before, and now want to use the connector again.

Since Data Studio still stores the invalid authorization token, you will first need to revoke access to it from the Data Studio side as well.

To do so, first navigate to the data source creation screen, by selecting "Create" > "Data source" from the homepage sidebar.


Then, click the menu toggle next to the Ahrefs connector, and choose "Revoke access".


Reload the page, and click the Ahrefs connector tile. It should prompt you with an authorization screen to re-enter your credentials.


There is an alternative option to revoke credentials for a particular data source, from your list of data sources:


However, this does not properly remove the credentials. Please use the other method to revoke credentials for the entire connector instead.