Create a data source using an Ahrefs connector

This guide shows you how to authorize an Ahrefs connector and use it to create a new data source that retrieves data from your Ahrefs account.

Ahrefs currently offers three connectors: "Ahrefs Site Audit", "Ahrefs Site Explorer", and “Ahrefs Rank Tracker”. In this guide, we'll focus on the first one, but the steps are the same for all three.

Go to Google Data Studio and login with your Google account. Click one of the following links to use our connectors.

There are two authorizations to make. The left one asks your Google account to authorize Data Studio to use the connector. The right one asks your Ahrefs account to authorize the connector to use your Ahrefs subscription.


You won't need to perform this action the next time you create a data source from the Ahrefs connector, as long as your credentials remain valid. When your Ahrefs authorization expires, re-authorize when prompted with this screen to continue using the data source.

Once you complete both authorizations, we’re ready to configure the data source. For more information on each parameter, please refer to each tool connector's configuration reference.

Site Explorer configuration
Rank Tracker configuration

If you are looking to get started quickly, we recommend creating a report from the ready-made template that we provide together with each connector. For full compatibility with our templates, there are some additional configuration requirements for your data source. Please follow the steps in section “Data source configuration” here:

To complete the setup, click the blue "Connect" button at the top right. You will see a schema definition for your configured data source.


You've successfully created a new data source! To get started, click on "Create Report". If you selected the "Use report template for new reports” option, you should see a fully featured report based on your Ahrefs data. Otherwise, you can add a new chart to your blank report, and select some fields to display. If you see errors such as “Unknown data source” and “System error” when the report loads for the first time, try refreshing the page.

Ready to dive deeper? Continue reading about our connectors here: